Profit Across America

The darker the blue, the more profitable a state is. The darker the orange, the more profit a state is losing. What state is most profitable?

The Most Profitable State

California is the most profitable state! It has a profit of $76,381. California's Tables are the only product with negative profit. All other products being sold are creating profit. But what category of products is the biggest contributor to that profit?

Profit by Product Category

Office Supplies are by far California's biggest contributor to profit. Office supplies have brought in $37,748 of the total $76,381! How many Office Supplies are sold in California? And how many Office Supplies can we expect California to sell through November 2015?

Office Supply Profit: Past and Future

From January 2011 to November 2014 California sold 1,131 Office Supplies. Through November 2015, California is forecasted to sell 399 more Office Supplies. That will make a total of 1,530 Office Supplies sold in California.